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Latin Dance Demonstration and Instruction
by Ascary y Liz Arias

Latin Music Aerobics
by Sra. Lourdes Falcon


Housecleaning, Yardcare, Catering

As of August 24, 2001, La Cooperativa Hispana employed six full-time workers and a dozen part-time employees in Yardcare and Housekeeping. 

Cooperativa wages start at $10.00 per hour and average $11 - $13 per hour.

Cooperativa members have contributed greatly to their extended families. In a single generation, Otomí parents who did not own sandles till their teens, now send their son to the School of Architecture at prestigious Querétaro State University. A father who lived as a homeless gamin from 9 to 14, takes pride that his son, Ulises, now studies Computer Science in Vera Cruz. Recently, Dad returned to Mexico with enough savings to launch a business to support his family.

Many Cooperativa clients previously employed national - or regional - housecleaning agencies. After switching to La Cooperativa Hispana, they have no thought of "going back." If you're in the market for "deep cleaning" --- as distinct from "cosmetic adjustment" --- please call for a free estimate. (Whatever your cleaning needs, we recommend Barbara Ehrenreich's informative essay "Housekeeping" published in Harpers, April, 2000.)

La Cooperativa Hispana has secured a foothold in the Triangle's commercial cleaning market with contracts at UNC-Chapel Hill's Kappa Delta house and Jewelsmith in Irwin Square, Durham. We now maintain the physical plant at Chapel Hill's Emerson Waldorf School and look foward to building on this base.

La Cooperativa Hispana insures a living wage for its employees, simultaneously charging 10 - 20% less than other yardcare and cleaning services.

We take pride in superior service.

For a free estimate, please contact Hogar Hispano at (919)644-8000, or e-mail

Mobile Car Repair

Ernesto Rentería

Ernesto Rentería is an adept automobile mechanic. I've watched him complete 4 major "driveway repairs" - three clutch installations and a drive shaft. My former mechanic - a fine, trustworthy fellow who co-manages a Hillsborough garage - said one of these repairs couldn't be done in a driveway.

In addition to his wide-ranging mechanical ability, Ernesto is honorable, courteous, articulate, fully-bilingual and modestly priced.

Ernesto offers diagnostic and emergent services. Diagnosis in the Chapel Hill and Hillsborough area costs $30; in Durham, diagnosis costs $45.00. If Ernesto performs your repair, the diagnostic cost is subtracted from the final bill. Ernesto's repair services are routinely 25% - 30% lower than repairs performed at non-dealer shops. At times, Ernesto's repair work is 50% less expensive than the equivalent work performed in shops.

By performing repairs at your home, Ernesto circumvents the hassle of taking your dysfunctional vehicle to the garage.

Ernesto may be reached at his beeper: 1-888-652-3204.

Currently, Ernesto is unable to accept credit cards.

For more information, you may contact


Grupo Camaleón

Hogar Hispano's Cooperativa Hispana is proud to announce affiliation with Grupo Camaleón.

"El Grupo Camaleón" fuses Latin rhythms and lyrics with dynamic dance beats to create at atmosphere of energy and excitement.  This six-piece combo prides itself on showcasing music from all over the Latin world.  Their presentations include musical styles from El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba and the Caribbean. 

Salvadoran acoustic guitarist and vocalist Oscar Velasco and saxophone and flute soloist Tino Mandujano, from Mexico, counterpoint the central acoustic guitar of Chilean singer and songwriter Pablo Valencia.  The steady and sultry pulse of the rhythm section is driven by Venezuelan born Rey Riera on bass and vocals, Zac Adelman on drum set and bongo's and Patrick Loebs on congas, percussion and vocals.

From Bossa Nova to Bolero, Cumbia, Merengue and Son, "El Grupo Camaleón's" wide-ranging sound, upbeat performance style and energy on stage is the result of a dedication to Latin culture that goes beyond music: "We want our audience to feel the music--to dance with their spirits--" says Valencia. "We want them to feel good, they are our guests!" adds Velasco, grinning.

"El Grupo Camaleón" plays throughut the Triangle and is a featured band at El Chilango Mexican Restaurant in Carrboro and Café Driade in Chapel Hill. 

For more information - or to arrange booking - please contact, or call Pablo Valencia at 942-2436 for booking information.  Pablo can also be emailed at

Latin Ballroom Dancing

Ascary and Liz Arias

Ascary Arias of Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo - in the heart of Otomí homelands - and native Chapel Hillian, Liz (Kizer) Arias dance with grace, flourish and masterly self-possession.  Their fluid movements embody romance. Not only will Ascary and Liz amaze you with flights of physical fancy, they also teach latin dance. For your next party or institutional event, create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

For more information, please contact

Latin Music Aerobics

Sra. Lourdes Falcón

Lourdes Falcón - who will begin Hogar Hispano's "on-site" women's group in the New Year - is also available to conduct "latin musicaerobics" classes.

For more information, please contact

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